Science merges with Spirituality to show us the mental origin of Everything that Is and the boundless potentials we have. Theory and practise, possibilities and real actions…You are Everything that Is! As logical and orderly as a theory seems, it is meaningless until the moment we test it empirically. Development and change occur only when we live through and gain experience for a specific event. If you have been to a lecture, read a book or text, you actually know something, you have information. But you haven’t tried it out or experienced it. There is no way to feel the thrill of the sea, if you have only read about it and seen it on a photo. It’s impossible to understand how to interpret your dreams, what it is like to get into regression, or to feel levitation, if you don’t try. Then, how are you supposed to explore your own potential, if you don’t search for it? And he who seeks finds… Hence, whatever you understand from this movie, do not trust! Try it out and experience it. And thus you will reveal that everything is possible. Every pawn can be a king…!