There is a big secret in our 3D world. It is in the structures of our thoughts, words and biological DNA being identical. They are built of waves, light and endless sea of possibilities such as the whole Universe. What we are saying or thinking is being written in the genetic code of our body. Then it starts to attract the same events and circumstances from the Universe, so the things we have said or thought about are being materialized very soon in our lives. Our fate takes the same direction we have determined as a command in our DNA computer.

“If we only curse or envy the others, then we do not have to wonder why our life is in trouble.”

ivomir – esoteric physicist, writer, author of Cogitality theory

Nowadays often what we say at protests and on еlection slogans is “ denial” of the system, politicians, and poverty. However, ivomir notes the speech and emotions are playing a bad joke on us, at invisible energy level. This is because when we fiercely deny something, in fact, we accept it with the same intensity.” Let’s have a deeper look at the word “negate”. Its deeper etymology shows us “ne(w)-gate” , i.e. a new version which we encode in ourselves. At first glance we reject something, but we actually take it from the whole, then we put it on a pedestal and we encode it in ourselves. So, what we negate – is what we put into ourselves! If we negate the world, we’ll feel negated into ourselves!

Also, let’s see the simplest transformation between the well-known words ME-WE. “M” as a symbols goes to the ground and actually shows the “grounding” of our “E”negry. On the opposite, “W” goes to the open air and so opens our “E”nergy. If we decide to change the direction of our wishes and transform our selfishness into giving, we’ll be able to open our energy to the Whole knowledge. And this is now not a matter of any philosophical ideas, but of pure scientific research and data.

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