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  • Every pawn becomes a king!


  • Cogitality Books
  • March 13, 2014
  • 116 pages

The book’s main idea and intention is to provoke people to think and awake their ability to express their real inner potential. The book proves inner potential is literally infinite and abilities called “paranormal” are achievable and have their explanations. The main strength of the book is in the unique combination between modern science and ancient spirituality. Elementary Theory of Cogitality combines in one place the last research on wave genetics, biophysics, quantum physics and psychology with the knowledge dating back from the Ancient Egypt (and before this time), Hermetic philosophy, all religions, etc. and proves there are no paranormal phenomena…

The whole world is mental and everything there is… is mentality (cogitality) in its essence.

Cogitality (сogito, Latin – think) – means mentality in a global aspect.


Today, here and now is the time in which we take steps, supported by the testaments and the experience of the past, in order to transform the future … The blending of timely dimensions turns us back to the opportunities and potential of the Beginning, reminding us precisely at this moment who we are, where we come from, where we are going… To create with love a new view of ourselves, to Love-invent everything that Is … The Theory of Cogitality strives to blend “opposites”- past and present, plus and minus, faith and doubt… because of the fullness and harmony of the self, so that we may Be … here and now… in One-Is-We …

The elementary Theory of Cogitality features serious science and explanation, laughter (even in graphics) and reflections on life, but above all… there is the touch and quest by Oneself, in Oneself, because of Oneself … in the name of the Whole. So the notion of “elementary” should not mislead you – it is like the elementary particles of which everything existing is composed – elementary, containing eveyring that Is… a challenge to find answers to the “unsolved”. You yourself are a whole Universe and your “mission” in this book is to look at, rationalize and explain yourself… checking yourself in practice in order to become aware of that… Nothing else is required – the names of the scientists and their discoveries are a wonderful basis, but what is really important is you desire to puzzle out the puzzle of your Universe… with patience and dedication – from beginning to end, from cover to cover … Because you realize what the picture of this puzzle conceals – a message from the past… which is your future…:

Everyone is able to create the world he or she dreams for… through expressing him-/herself and creating for the others…

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Everyone is able to create the world he or she dreams for… through expressing him-/herself and creating for the others…

The books from Theory of Cogitality series (elementary Theory of Cogitality is one of them) are translated in 7 languages: Dutch, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, German and English.