Magician of Reality

Magician of Reality ivomir

  • The Magician of Reality of All that IS!

    The translation of the pictures is still not finished. However, the book is complete and you could download it just for 5 euro!

    Magician of Reliity of Everything that Is! is unique mean for development of human potential, of human possibilities. Non standard methods about the direction, the choice and way of thinking make the interactions between the manifestations in a piece of magic. The world is a result from mentality, which we think and create by ourselves. There is nothing right or wrong. There is a choice and experience of that choice. Everyone is a “different reflection” of himself/herself. The choice to experience yourself by “forgetting” that you are the Source is a unique possibility to investigate the infinite manifestations ofEverything that Is within yourself…(Magician of reality, ivomir)

  • Cogitality Books
  • September 1, 2016
  • 168 pages