We know about the idea of parallel worlds from the theory of Hugh Everett. The interpretation of the parallel worlds became popular in recent years, being ignored for many years since its appearance in 1957. It says, whenever there is measuring, all possible results exist in all branches of the reality. The classical mechanics and the Relative Theory of Einstein reign in the world of massive objects, while the microscopic objects such as the elementary particle obey the laws of quantum mechanics. This schism in science has been affecting the physicists, who are constantly making efforts to formulate the so-called Theory of Everything and open the doors to the world of the new physics.

Recently, few theoretical physicists, headed by Howard Wiseman from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, formulated the unusual hypothesis that could explain the harmony of the classical and quantum physics- numerous parallel worlds, that both work according to the laws of the classical mechanics, periodically touch each other and create quantum phenomena.

In this way, the strange quantum phenomenon called superposition could be elegantly explained. A particle could have two or more states simultaneously until there is an intervention from an observer or measurement of the system.

“Our hypothesis is a fundamental leap forward from previous interpretations of the phenomena of the quantum world,” Wiseman says.

Previous attempts to make classical and quantum physics conform to each other were to create different mathematical structures. One of the oldest interpretations presented in the classical world is the consequence of the existence of multiple quantum worlds.

Unlike the hypothesis of Everett, who thinks that the parallel worlds are not in contact and don’t touch each other, the Wiseman theory suggests the existing classical worlds are in contact and constant interaction.

The Bulgarian physicist ivomir (Ivomir Dimchev) goes even further. He states that we all exist in parallel worlds and we choose them every moment. He is the author of Theory of Cogitality, which does not only explains this theoretically but also proves it.

Here is our interview with him about the parallel worlds and Theory of Cogitality.

What is Cogitality and your theory?

– Cogitality comes from the Latin word “cogito” – think. The logic is an agreement we have reached after a long educational process, imposed by the Ego. The certainty in everything that “is” around us is the only argument of its authenticity. We are convinced that everything functions and have its material manifestation in our illusionary 3D world. We have totally forgotten to search outside the framework of senses.  It seems the new technology is creating more problems than it solves. The medicine is progressing but the health is not improving. The cornerstone is to think about it and to change our view of life. Many people are still in search of the appropriate piece to fix first. And get bored with the search. Is this the world we desire? If the answer is “No”, why are we still enduring this? We are the ones who turned our world into the into what it is now. And we have the power to change it. When we start from ourselves – from the realization we are all one whole thing:

“All is Mind. The Universe is mental” –  first principle of Hermes Trismegistus

There is fundamental truth in this principle which we do not want to accept – We are All One……..Integral with different manifestations. Unity. Without space and time….Because they are also part of the mentality and the Whole.

Cogito ergo sum! – I think, therefore I am. – Rene Descartes

Is there Mega-Universe or do we live in parallel worlds?

– There are the so-called wormholes- highways connecting present, past, and future. The Montauk project proved it several years ago. If you go back in the past and kill your parents, then how you will be born and return to the past?

According to Einstein, time is not linear, directed from past to future but a river that changes its speed. According to String Theory, it is a river with whirlpools which can also diverge. According to the Theory of Cogitality (TC), there is no river – there is no time and space in the zero point. Everything is Here and Now. And the events are happening through a unique circle between us and…us. We are both the Source and its Manifestation. There are different probabilities according to our own choices. They are parallel universes and you can jump from one to another. This resolves the paradoxes connected with time traveling.

The energy that is needed for this is enormous. Theory of Cogitality claims we are the energy. So we are also the Universe. Going deeper into this matter we realize we are not only the Universe but the Mega-Universe – a collection of myriad possible universes. We are the parallel worlds of our own choices.

If we enter together in a magnificent hall, surrounded by mirrors, each of it having different reflections of an individual face, we will find out this face is similar to ours. These are images of creatures who are like us – friends and relatives, reflected by the mirror. Then…accepting them just as ourselves, we start feeling that the mirror reflects our own image.

Perhaps they have little changes and differences with little distortions due to the different vibrational frequencies of the mirrors. But it is our image – with different disguises – with different facial features, gender or racial traits…. But it is still us. Unity with all around us, merging with the One, being in the unconditional creation of All that Is with love.

You have graduated quantum physics at Sofia University. How a physicist came to the idea to combine serious science with esotericism?

– Each of us is acting according to our own experience and if we do not know something we are afraid of it. How would we get to know our inner self if we are afraid of it? It is the same as if you were a zookeeper. If you are afraid of the animals, how would you work with them? And not only this, you will stay away, watching how others demonstrate that is possible to work with them, showing some tricks.

If we are not aware of what is around us, then we would never touch our inner self and never realize our abilities. We would think others are “chosen” or “enlightened” just because they were brave enough to step out of their comfort zone. We do not even arrive at the conclusion that if we already “exist”, we are already “chosen”.

But in order to believe in such thesis, we need certain experience – to try it on our own. This aspiration challenged me not to deny the obvious things just because they are not accepted by the others or by the authorities. So I ended up combining physics, esotericism, psychology, and theology, rediscovering the undetectable things and accepting what many people deny.

Don’t you think that the terms astral worlds, Akashic fields, etc. are not scientific? And how did you become convinced of their existence?

– The science already proved everything is energy. So what we are made of? Many people know and feel it but they are afraid to tell it. The goal of the Theory of Cogitality is to find the undetectable things, to prove the unproven and experience the unlived. So everybody who is working with Theory of Cogitality is trying. You will be convinced only after you have tried something. And when you have experienced it, you start provoking the others to do it. Hereby I was convinced the structures mentioned above do exist…… The evidence about the causes of the light to appear, the Big Bang, teleportation of the photons, the “unexplained” events of the rebirth and the availability of the mental library – Akashic records are logically justified in the Theory of Cogitality.

Do we live in a hologram and if so, how to understand it?

– Everything is light. The energy of electromagnetic emission is information and its perception causes wave attenuation or amplification. It is valid both for the physiological processes and the psychic. The energy of the environment (for example aura), mixed with the high frequencies of the emotions, stimulates the emergence of huge forces. Any emotional disturbance (or evocative thoughts) is mixing its frequency with the aura energy and sharply increases the power of the object’s emission.

Therefore “the living” creatures glow more intensively. The process is caused by information overload. The change of the aura frequencies leads to “opening” or “closing” of the informational flow of the energy. Low-frequency vibrations such as anger, fear, aggression, jealousy, etc. close the flow and the frequencies of love, compassion, forgiveness, honesty open it. The energy is always present, but under certain conditions, it is transformed into information and vice versa. The knowledge about the nature of the waves, fields, and energy, can help us discover our inner self – energy can appear as a pair of photons from the Nothingness (Higgs boson or Zero point), which form diffraction grid upon their interaction.

If we know about this and learn how to work with it, then we could use this same energy to change ourselves, our body or the world around us. So we could feel the freedom we are to realize that we are the Source and its manifestation.

This is a revolution between the mentality and matter is rediscovered. Thus you can realize the existence of the secondary mental field in the aura space – Ego, which is mentality remembering and “protecting” the form from the existing material objects. The Ego defines and draws the creation and development of these objects in the Universe.

Can your theory be called “Theory of everything” which the physicists are striving to find?

Theory of Cogitality really includes everything – etymology, psychology, wave genetics, fractal and string theory, Bell’s theorem, Relativity theory of Einstein, vortex mathematics, Fibonacci series, DNA and medicine, esotericism and paranormal phenomena, levitation, telekinesis, tele empathy (term which combines telepathy and empathy- not only to transmit thoughts but also to feel the feelings of the others) and so on. It is a Theory of All That Is!

–  Theory of Cogitality combines so many existing theories, teachings, movements. Do you deny them? What is the ultimate goal of your theory?

In fact, it is quite the opposite. We unite them with Love. We create with love each new detail and fragment. We create with love the world around us. Theory of Cogitality is just the written theoretical reflection of all this.

The first and fundamental principle of Theory of Cogitality is acceptance. Once something is invented and existing, then it has its own importance and fits somewhere in the layout of the puzzle around us, called globe.

And we are most interested just in those innovative and brave solutions (which seem a little bit crazy) like the vortex mathematics of Marco Rodin. The final goal is to get to know our inner Self, accepting everyone and everything that is around us. Then everyone will unite with the One, which actually Is

–  Why do you call it theory as you have so much practice during the seminars and sessions in your Academy, which actually proves the authenticity of the theory?

–  Because it still has not become a practice for everyone. When we reach this state (which will happen for sure) then we will talk about practice in and from Cogitality.

Is it enough to have a positive way of thinking and to build your own future with positive affirmations? How can you use the moment of “here and now”?

– The negative and positive states are the ones in which people “filter” the facts. We need to learn to accept All That Is! Only then we can perceive ourselves as a part of the One. Then we realize everything existing has its own importance and the negative and positive are parts of every creation so that it can exist. Then yes, we can build a better future. We are not here to live only to like. If we live in over-indulgence, we will lose our seeking spirit. So there are always things which we are happy or not happy about. And the question occurs: Which is the right one? Then we think about Here and Now, The One, Higgs boson, Zero point. Where there is no space and time. Everything is Here and Now from the Zero point of view. Everything is already being experienced. But this experience can be changed. And then again you ARE, again you will exist, but in the new parallel reality of Cogitality, which you have built on your own.

And as you have already experienced this (there is no time and space in Cogitality), then you feel as if you have done something before, although it is your first time doing it. You see something new – a person, place, situation, but they seem familiar to you at the same time. You are in a conversation and you realize you have already said these words to the same person.

Here and Now are rather in the field of probabilities. Probabilities depend on our own choice. And these probabilities are alterable, as Theory of Cogitality says. We can transform both our past and future. Everything is a result of the choice we make in each moment of our existence.

Are these always the right choices? YES…Because this is an experience which provokes us to search again and again. We search for new changes in other parallel realities that would add more experience to the Whole we are. This brings us out of the frames of our illusionary three-dimensional world. And makes us search again.

Why do you call yourself “mag Ivomir”? Does not this make the theory look superficial?

– Everyone is the creator of his own reality so in this sense can be called magician. I call myself like this only in front of kids. They need to believe that they are magicians – of themselves and the world around them.

I have always claimed everyone is unique – as much as everyone else. And everyone should perceive himself as one with the others. In Unity with All That Is!

Everyone is entitled to have the right and everyone’s truths are true. So everyone has the right to create his reality as the others. Everybody creates the unique reality he wants in which he believes. Because even if we believe we do not believe, we still believe.

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