Now all of Cogitality Academy followers and subscribers have the chance to get a free 6-month Membership for Cogitality Academy Online!

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We start our annual promotion for Cogitality Academy Memberships!

Only until December 31st, 2019 you can join the Cogitality newsletter and get the real chance of receiving a completely free 6-month Academy access!

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The Academy will give you access to:

– 18+meditations – guided meditations,
meditation music, text meditation, instruction and everyday guidance

– 27+ unique exercises for daily practical

– 36+ explanations of words and phrases, as
seen through the Cogitality prism

– 24/7 radio with relaxing and meditation music
for connecting with the energy world

– 40+ e-books for understanding and practically
implementing the choice of Happiness

– 50+ documentaries, movies, videos for
inspiration and explanation, TV shows & interviews

– 100+ sound healing frequencies for all sorts
of conditions and paint – from bone strengthening through immune system to

– 60+ articles with scientific explanations,
practical guidance, movie reviews and analysis

What’s more?

You will also be receiving daily emails with
exercises and practical guidance, which will be your reminders and helpers in
the process of creating one more grateful and positive world. Each success of
your environment is a personal success of yours, because you are all Sources!