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    Брой страници: 216
    Година на издаване: 2017
    Автор: ivomir
    Корица: мека, албумен формат

    Ти – Източникът (книга първа от енциклопедия Когиталност) представя сензационната, невидима до момента връзка между науките, ориентира и определя тяхната единност и взаимосвързаност, отваря в практически смисъл вратите за неограничен Потенциал от възможности… Чрез откритията във физиката се дава друг поглед върху психологията и медицината, пренаписва се разбирането за археологията и езотериката… Психолозите стават физици, а фантастиката става реалност на действието…


    You – The Source (book one of Cogitality encyclopedia) presents the sensational, invisible connection between the sciences, orienting and defining their unity and interconnectedness. The book opens in a practical sense the doors to the unlimited Potential of possibilities… The book proves that You are literally the source of Everything that Is! The discoveries in modern physics give us another look at psychology and medicine, rewriting the understanding of archaeology and esotericism… Psychologists become physicists, and fiction becomes a reality of action. The structure and formation of the Universe and matter itself are just an illusion in the parallel worlds of dimensions, determined by the capabilities of the brain. The whole is Mind and it creates illusory holograms in Life. manifested by them … to become the infinity and beauty of the source = Everything that Is!

    In the beginning, all the facts were scattered, desultory, unsorted pieces of a puzzle – struggled throughout the vastness. And they were chaotically arriving during the moments when one was neither looking for – nor expecting – them… Lightings flashing in the dark, which ought to be caught in the palm like fireflies – one should collect them with patience, inspiration and devotion. Then, once you accept the chaotic dispersion of your own ignorance, and with belief in the Nothingness, you compose the Light of your own Life. Because…

    even when we believe that we do not believe, we still believe…

    (ivomir, “You-the Source“)

    Important Note: Ãccess to the book is included in all Memberships of Cogitality Academy – online self-help educational platform!

    1 review for PDF eBook “You-the Source”

    1. Spas N

      “We have forgotten our origins…We are afraid of the unknown…While immersed inside a system, we forget to remember that it is us who are the system. We create illusory problems, which we then try to solve. And we do all of that just so we get to feel significant within our own ignorance…until one day we find out that it us indeed who are building the very system.”

      This is the opening paragraph in ivomir’s You – The Source. I initially came across this book approximately one year ago. I was pretty much clueless about what exactly will be covered in it. Prior to that, I had some encounters with what would be classified as “esoteric literature”, but I never got too deep into any of that stuff. Actually, I did want to go deeper, but to me, everything was simply fragments and pieces, which I didn’t know how to put together. I didn’t even know if there was something more whole and complete to be put together, or not. Sure, I’ve heard about the theory according to which the universe is a hologram, I knew couple of interesting facts relating to Ancient Egypt and the pyramids, I was familiar with the concept of dualism and with Jung’s idea of the ‘’collective unconscious’’, but that was about it. It is safe to say that I could definitely not see what was about to come. On top of it all, I had this perception in my head that such kind of literature had to be very complex, incomprehensible, and was only to be deciphered by some small, elite minority.

      Well, I am happy to say that this book – or this encyclopedia, as its author has labeled it – managed to put the puzzle together for me. It didn’t happen in a blink. And it was not easy. Up until the end of the second time I was reading this book, there was still shadow of a doubt lurking in the corners of my mind whether it wasn’t all one massive, monstrous, yet credibly-sounding con. The nature of this information is such that a person without any previous knowledge of the topic simply cannot be prepared for.

      With that being said, the encyclopedia makes the connections between the ancient wisdom of Hermes (or Thoth), the discoveries made by quantum physics over the last 100 years, Jung’s psychology, topology, the information revealed by the Tsarichina messages (“the Bulgarian Area 51”), the Bible, cell biology, the Proto-Bulgarian Glagolitsa alphabet and all the more well-known spiritual traditions throughout the world. However, it is more accurate to say that the encyclopedia simply points to these connections as existing, whereas the challenge of actually MAKING THE CONNECTIONS is left entirely to the reader. It takes more than one read for doing that, but still – merely seeing that there are such connections to be made is something extremely, extremely profound.

      I can write much more about the actual contents of the book, but I don’t want to get anyone bored by showing off how much I have learnt from it or that I have ‘got’ it. The only thing that I will mention though is that the book’s style is…how should I say it…’schematic’ I guess (I am really not sure if this is the proper word). What I mean here is that it has been written in the style of an encyclopedia or a textbook – that is, the information is simply being presented in one strictly objective manner. Nothing more, nothing less. And still, as a result of this punctual presentation, the incomprehensible becomes comprehensible, the impossible turns into possible, all while reality and fiction merge together to the point where the reader begins to wonder which of the two is stranger.

      What can I say in conclusion…If lately you’ve been feeling that there is something missing in terms of information about the world in general, in terms of your general outlook on life, if you can simply sense how there is something bigger to be unveiled for you, or if you feel lost inside your very own ideas about the world – the ones that you’ve been diligently constructing and sustaining for some time now…and if you don’t like to continue feeling or being this way (this is one rather important prerequisite)…well, the time for you to get familiar with You – The Source is just about right! ?

      At least, such was the case with myself.

      If you think that by reading ‘You – The Source’, your life will be fixed as with a magic wand, I will have to disappoint you. But at least you will know what you have to do in order to fix it yourself…or you will know why it is falling apart. And ultimately, by equipping yourself with some patience, you will get to meet yourself. You will get to become aware of who you really are (hint: it’s in the title).

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