The Black eBook

The Black eBook ivomir

  • The Book of Life

  • Cogitality Books
  • February 11, 2009
  • 216 pages

The Black Book (Book of Life) reveals secrets about the meaning of life and our existence in a uniquely new way. The book combines both science and spirituality to let us see everything in this world as a mental energy-informational field – matter does not exist but is a hologram, everything is holographic. Our purpose here is to experience our lives in beauty and fullness through emotion. The main idea is the book interaction and combination of sciences like Psychology, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Medicine, Theology, etc. The ideas spectrum is wide and provokes deep thinking…

Cogitality means mentality in a global aspect. The Theory of Cogitality proves everything in the world is a product of mentality – from the smallest particle to the vast universe. With our thoughts we form our reality – what we think is what happens to us. When we acknowledge ourselves, we connect to the eternal knowledge we’ve searched for. And once we reach it, we realize we have the power and responsibility for everything in our life. Everyone is able to create the world he or she dreams for… through expressing him-/herself and creating for the others…

How will you feel to see that everything around you vibrates but when you look at it, it turns into solid matter and when you stop looking at it, it goes back being a wave again? This metamorphosis is the base described here. Matter is illusion. Everything is an electromagnetic wave and a consequence of the physical interactions between waves. Light comes from the motion of cogitative particles, which were previously still, timeless and space-less. As such they know everything…


For those who would never read this book…

Everything happenning in live does not give us a lot of spiritual strength.  Nobody teaches us how to concentrate on ourselves, to recognize the inner strength we posses. Live put us in victim’s shoes. Whatever happens we are not in control of our lives. Well I do not like this expression, as it suggests something outside us is in control; I would rather keep in touch with something deep within me. When talking of the outer world, I am just “I “, when considering the inner world; I become part of the whole. I become part of the infinity…


  • To Those Who Would Never Read This Book
  • Preface, Sort Of
  • Chapter I. Delusions about the Truth and the Truth about Delusions
  • Chapter II. The Paradox of Logic and the Logic of Paradox
  • Chapter III. Knowledge, Wisdom, Happiness
  • Chapter IV. The Universe: A Holographic Image
  • Chapter V. Everything Cyclic. Paradox of the Cycle
  • Chapter VI. Life
  • Chapter VII. Spiritual Revival
  • In Confirmation
  • Terminology
  • References

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Everyone is able to create the world he or she dreams for… through expressing him-/herself and creating for the others…

The books from Theory of Cogitality series (elementary Theory of Cogitality is one of them) are translated in 7 languages: Dutch, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, German and English.