All the facts, in the beginning, were pieces of a puzzle, scattered in the unexplained – straggled, inconsistent, untidy chaos. They arrive in the moment when you are not expecting or looking for them. Flashes of Lightning, shining in the darkness, which you should catch in your palm like fireflies. Gather them with patience, inspiration and devotion. Then, accept the scattered chaos of your ignorance, believe in the Nothing, and put together the light of your own Life, because

Even if we believe that we don’t believe, we are still believing… – ivomir 

A lot of people don’t believe. But the bigger truth is that a lot of people believe that they don’t believe. And their belief in the absence of believing is so strong that they have managed to merge the last part with themselves, to make it their own without suspecting it. A uniquely strong believe, right? Now imagine what would happen when they start believing that they believe…

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