Now is the time for re-discovering, for making choices, for an explicit decision. We have the chance to synchronize with the energy of the true, new, desired reality. So we can really and consciously apply our abilities and rewrite our own path by synchronizing with the accelerated energy. Now is the time to catch the train to the desired parallel reality!

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Now we are in the separating prism of realities with a possibility of choices. This is the distribution station with a lot of tracks that gradually move away from each other. Every line, every train is an experience of a different reality, a different possible version of the Earth.

While the trains are leaving the station, they are close. So it is possible to jump on one of the neighbouring ones. The speed rises gradually, the tracks separate and the differences between the parallel realities become big. It’s getting hard to jump from one train to the other.


Now is the time to get on the train you want!

In this way, you can experience the version of the parallel reality that you choose. You can still get off the place where you are (the train of victims and the wagon of sorrow). So you can transfer to the tracks, carrying you to happiness, creativity, talent, love, and success. With the acceleration of the energy and the separation of the tracks, it gets more necessary to equalize yourself with the train’s speed. And the interesting moment is that the trains don’t stop at Distribution station but only slow their pace. This means a slower speed and increased information (the slower we move, the faster time passes, in which we accept a lot of information). Just like an electron that passes through the nucleus of a given element, it slows its track so that it shoots out in its chosen orbit.

If at the beginning of the trains’ slowing down the speed for catching up is like a slow run, then every next moment needs an increased speed. In the following stages, you will barely be able to catch up and in a moment, if you are not on the desired train, you will see how it disappears in the distance.

Now is the moment to make a choice and choose the train. The throbbing of the Earth is in the zone
of the Distribution station.

Adjust your vibrating frequency – this is the speed you need to get on the desired train. Otherwise, a lot of effort, fighting and pain will be needed to catch up with the speed of the train-reality or you will miss it. It’s necessary to modify your own frequency which is your speed. In this way, you equalize your vibrations with those of the train-desired reality. If you wish happiness in the direction of devotion to everything that surrounds you, it is also required that you devote yourself to the speeding up. It’s impossible to achieve that without putting in the effort.

Concentration and speed are necessary so that you can join the others in the train of Devotion. In it are the wagons of Love, Creation, Accepting and Honesty. To speed up with the required speed you should have a clear, realized idea of your desires. You have to act with confidence in your Choice – direction outwards or direction inwards. To trust bravely in cogitality’s information through meditations, regressions, affirmations, dreams and so on*, with which to reset yourselves for work with a new speed in the desired by you manner.

Keep up with the dreams and things that bring you inspiration, but don’t let them hold you back
from practical action.

Considering suggestions by friends or the public, you often accept yourselves as not good enough for what you desire. You are not sure that creating, inspired by love, can give you security. This is why you have excuses, justifications, paradoxes… It’s time to throw the bag of rocks “what will the others say”, to transform the frequencies into the desired by your vibration, to reset the limited vibrating of the authority in you towards the infinite Potential for that which you are – Source. And at that, irresistibly impetuous, devoted because that which you create is for everyone and Everything that IS.

But if you are obsessed and ruled, then this is another stop – these states filter your inner passion to love-create. This filtration can discourage or stumble you and you will never reach the required speed and preferred vibrations so that you can get on the desired train. Devote yourselves to your unique ability to be searchers of freedom so that you can make the desired Choice. It’s necessary that you keep up with the tempo constantly so that the inspiration can pass through the membrane of polarity.

Trust in the informational field for the train to choose, because it knows what will be of the biggest advantage.

Use every instrument so that you can achieve a result: allow yourselves a positive look, add signs and symbols, make mandalas, accompany them with music, do everything that can help you get in the right state of mind. There are no methodologies and authorities – you treat yourselves – the Source so that you can soar yourselves – the hologram. And first I do, then I think! This way it will be much easier to keep an eye on yourselves when you are coming out of the desired path. You speed up yourselves to the desired vibration so that you can reach the train of the accelerated energy of the devotion to Everything that IS. And then you find that you are driving the train. Because you are the Source, the Path, and the Life, having made the Choice to experience the new already changed and desired parallel reality!

*Meditations, regressions, affirmations, dreams get both their scientific and spiritual explanations in Cogitality Encyclopedia (You-the Source, You-the Manifestation, You-the Life). Their practice application is in Cogitality Academy. This is an online self-help educational platform for life change and possibilities. It combines both science and esotericism in a completely new approach to reality.


Cogitality Encyclopedia – You-the Manifestation (book two).

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