The White Book… book from and for Love

The book reveals the Way to yourself – one Truth expressed through the eight principles of Cogitality and Life, realized by Love – the inspiration on the path to truth in life!

Understanding the real essence of things leads to the revelation that we are all connected. All knowledge is inside us since we are part of the whole. The fusion of emotion and information, of Cogitality and the moment here and now leads to completeness. Not the separation, but the fusion of us and the others gives us the opportunity to find and be really ourselves. In fullness, completeness, and perfection!

According to the dictionary, a white book is a book which contains official documents, promoted for the reason of supporting a certain position. The white color consists of all other colors – something we’ve strived for in this book.

This book doesn’t contain official documents, it is informal because it is only a provocation to “officially” find yourself! If you hold it in your hands, then you have the knowledge of all the possible ways of being yourself!

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