The White eBook

The White eBook ivomir

  • A book for and from Love... Love is the extraordinary dedication to, upon and for everything that IS!

  • Cogitality Books
  • May 26, 2012
  • 183 pages

The White Book… (book from and for Love)

The book is a revelation for the Way to yourself – one Truth expressed through the eight principle of Cogitality and Life, realized by Love – the inspiration in the path to truth in life!

The understanding of the real essence of things and of the fact that the whole knowledge is inside us (since we are part of the whole) leads to the realization of ourselves as a fusion with our invisible part we always stay with(in). The fusion of emotion and information, of Cogitality and the moment “here and now”, leads to completeness. Not the separation, but the fusion into ourselves gives us the opportunity to find and be really ourselves. In fullness, completeness, and perfection!

According to the interpreting dictionary, a white book is a book which contains official documents, promulgated for the reason of supporting a certain position. The white color consists of all other colors – something we’ve strived for in this book…

This book doesn’t contain official documents, it is too unofficial because it is only a provocation to everyone to find “officially” him- or herself! If you hold it in your hands, then it is “promulgated” and supports its positions – the possible ways for being yourself!


This book aims to touch those who have the necessity for it, and they, being provoked by their own touch, to take the way to themselves with LOVE!

In a unique ,

to, upon, and for
everything that IS
is called

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Everyone is able to create the world he or she dreams for… through expressing him-/herself and creating for the others…

The books from Theory of Cogitality series (The White Book is one of them) are translated in 7 languages: Dutch, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, German and English.