Who Are We?


The team of Cogitality consists of two persons, constantly working for everything you see as structured information, seminars, books, website, movies, advertisements, presentations and so on. Many people have passed by and left their firgerprint in the theory of Cogitality (TC) and its development. Many people managed to reveal their potential and skills, many people decided to quit the travelling to their inner self and many  are still to make their decisions. Therefore we turn to them 


Adriana and Ivo Djedjerov– the people who applied the method of the hollow structures in the project “Bio Strawberries Cogitality”

Gery Yosifova – the founder of the Mental store “Adisi AR”, who presents and offers the products of Cogitality

Desi Stoyanova– the founder of the unique eco village Tangrad- a village where you can get back to your roots and realize the message “Bolagar”

Evgenii Damyanov the creator of all the products of the 100% natural healing cosmetics “Cogitality”

Jenia Pavlova – organizer and the person responsible for the seminars Cogitality in the period of 2014-2015

Katia Kuchukova– facilitatior in the first 16-week seminar Cogitality in 2010-2011

Rado Velichkov– animatior-creator of unique animations, pineal gland animation exercise and the wonderful Cogitality logo animation.

Ruslan Selenov – the person who received and interpreted the messages from Tsarichina,  which contributed for the creation of pineal gland exercises (third eye exercises)

And everyone who supported us and continues to support, everyone who is provoking us, pushing and keeping us alive….

We bow to you and thank you!




ivomir – creator of the Theory of Cogitality, lecturer and facilitatior of the seminars “Cogitality – everything that IS”. He was born in 1963. He has graduated quantum electronics and laser technology in Sofia University. Ivomir is the author of the books : The Black Book, The White Book, Elementary Theory of Cogitality and  General Theory of Cogitality, The Magician of Reality. He is also a publisher, poem and article writer, music producer, designer of everything connected with cogitality (book covers, logos, banners, advertisments…). Thanks to him and his role as main provocateur the movie “Cogitality – everything that IS was created.

His vocation – cogitalist, unificator of the puzzle pieces “Cogitality”.He describes himself in simple words : “I am not an author, just a scribbler- everything comes from the Cogitality”

Emi Stoycheva – she is lecturer at the seminar and movie maker. She put together all the pieces for the movies “Cogitality – everything that IS” and “Fly or stay in ashes” , and creator of the current site. She was born in 1989. She graduated psychology in Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”. She is an interpreter, author of articles and poems, publisher. She has created the presentations for the Cogitality seminars and related supporting video materials.

Her vocation –  cogitalist, the person who sorts out the puzzle pieces of “Cogitality”.


Our Direction is to provoke the inner potential in all of you with intention for full devotion to and for all the rest! and to and for yourself.