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Cogitality (from Latin “cogito” – think) means mentality in a global aspect! 

This is the all-pervasive substance in the endless probability of Everything that Is!


The theory of Cogitality presents the sensational and invisible until now connection between science and spirituality. The theory applies science to esoterics in order to prove that everything that manifests into our lives is a product of our own thoughts. The structure and formation of the universe and matter are just an illusion in the parallel worlds of dimensions determined by the possibilities of our brain.

The foundations of Cogitality theory were established in 2008. The theory is presented and constantly developed in books, seminars, movies, and our new self-education platform. The findings of the theory are summed up in our documentary. Enjoy it in 6 different languages!

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In the beginning, all the facts were scattered, desultory, unsorted pieces to a puzzle – straggled in the vastness. And they were chaotically arriving during the moments when one was neither looking for – or expecting – them… Lightings flashing in the dark, which ought to be caught in the palm like fireflies – one should collect them with patience, inspiration and devotion. Then, once you accept the chaotic dispersion of your own ignorance, and with belief in The Nothingness, you compose the light of your own Life. Because… even when we believe that we do not believe, we still believe in something. (ivomir, creator of Cogitality Theory)

Your Feedback


Be blessed! You changed the life of many people and showed us the joy of life and the ways to overcome troubles. Thank you for everything! – Petrunka, Greece

I looked through the theory of Cogitality and there are many intriguing and provocative ideas in it. Some I agree with (like the power of our thoughts) and others I don’t as there is no solid empirical evidence to back them up (such as ideas reported by Peter Gariaev). – Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, Positive Psychology lecturer in Harvard

I would like to tell you that I really love reading cogitality books. These book for sure would help me live life to the fullest. From The White Book, I learned how important it is to love. I believe in your book ivomir. I believe your book would help a lot of people to live a happy life at present and in the future as well. I love the pictures and the illustrations on The White Book and I was so shocked when I understood it was you who made it. Amazing! Amazing! You are a very talented person. – G. Tongco, U.S.A.

I was prideful and I didn’t believe that this person and his theory could answer the biggest two questions: Why I am here? and How I came here? I approached the theory of Cogitality with skepticism until I went to one of the seminars on it. Then I realized that everything was true as I did not just see it, but I also felt it. The decisive thing for me was that everything in the theory was scientifically proven by world-renowned philosophers, doctors, professors, and many others – gathered together to build a full picture of what we call “life”. – Stefan Mihailov, Harvard University Student, 2011

I am extremely thankful for your work! This is incredible information and knowledge for all the people. If we use this in our daily life, it changes everything completely! – The Peaceful Man

Online Self-Education Platform - Cogitality Academy

The interest and curiosity towards Cogitalty as a theory and practice has led to the creation of Online Self-Education for all who want to make changes in their lives and are willing to create one constant habit called… Happiness. Regular application of the knowledge obtained in the course leads every participant to unique results and change!

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