Unconditional love is the vibration, the frequency of Existence. We can easily see in the dictionary that “unconditional” means without any kind of condition. The vibrational frequency of Everything that IS, is unconditional love – unconditional devotion and unconditional acceptance. Accepting this “polarity” expresses the manifestation fully through its individual vibration and it lives through itself by its own existence. That’s why we should Create the manifestation with Love and Devotion while accepting every experience, every situation and parallel reality.

When love-creating any manifestation, every reflection in the world, in which it IS, is created with love as well.

Then it’s easy to send the idea of unconditional love, reflecting it in Everything that IS – the manifestation recognizes itself in every other reflection. If we face difficulties in devoting ourselves through unconditional love, it means that there is some kind of aspect, reflection, which we are not accepting. With unconditional love and unconditional acceptance, we recognize the inspiration to be a Seeker and Creator. So we monitor and recognize everything and everyone neutrally, but at the same time, we manifest empathy.

The possibilities to seek and find new varieties for changing the direction is inspiring and intoxicating. That’s how a man can come out of a state of isolation and limitation, the blame on others and “outside” circumstances stops. We can then feel the sweet Breeze of Happiness and unconditional Love in the air. That is why every cogitalist* accepts Everyone and Everything – every science, method, channelling, esoteric practice or religion, teaching or philosophy – Everything is Accepted with full Devotion towards Everything that IS! Because you are the Magician of reality. You are the cycle in yourself, You are

the Way, and the Source, and the Life, and the Power,
fulfilling and opposing them. You are Everything that IS!

cogitalist – someone who is willing to undestand the possibilities of mind and the holographic world, and to share the knowledge to the others.


You-the Source – Book One of Cogitality Encyclopedia

Cogitality Academy – online self-help educational platform for Everything that Is!