The following article is about the striving to the “self” and the direction inwards… This is an article for everyone who wants to go beyond his/her borders and to learn and realise more about the essence of Life itself.

We have chosen the inward direction (direction to the self).

Then our simultaneous spinning to the left and right within the grand scheme of responsibilities* realises things in the following way: When spinning to the left, thought, decision and action are the requests to the Source for transmuting the entire reality grating and Manifestation in a way that would enable us to be possessing more. Such is our request towards the Source. Then the Manifestation, the reality grating and the egregore – these are the elements with the global role of carrying out our wish – process and execute that request. They create the reality grating of ‘’Have more – possess more!‘’. The Manifestation performs precisely what has been requested, and as a result, each element in this global holographic system of Earth start wishing to have and possess more. This scenario leads to confrontations and conflicts. In turn, they lead to a new – ‘revised’ – request – “Divide and conquer!”.

The Manifestation does just like the previous time

It processes and executes this ‘edited version’. And just as the previous time, there follows another ‘revision’ to the request. This time it goes like the following – ‘’Control, lie, terrorise, manipulate (..) so that you might possess more and preserve (be in charge of) it.’’. So much for the spinning to the left that represents our individual request. The spinning in the opposite direction represents the collective way of thinking. And when the spinning to the right occurs, the collective way of thinking governed by the credos of “Possess more”, “Divide and conquer”, “Achieve at all cost…” forms the corresponding egregore (mental field, membrane). In its turn, the latter establishes collective agreements between the individual elements based on the principles for possession, isolation, protection and restriction.


To be manifested on planet Earth (for example), you should then accept the terms and conditions of this egregore in order for it to exist there. Otherwise, it shall be maladaptive to the surrounding environment. The ‘egregore’ component, creating the given theme within the unified personal global responsibility, is interlinked with the Manifestation and the reality grating into one unified trinity. Therefore, all the laws and ideas within this reality grating should be corresponding to, harmonious with, and adjusted in compliance with the egregore’s theme. In order for this mutual coordination to occur, the Manifestation sends feedback to the Source, based upon which the latter transmutes the existing holographic structure in such a way as for the execution of the theme to become possible. Then it is only natural for the hologram to meet and interact with other elements sharing its desire and determination to possess, divide, conquer, manipulate and lie, all in the name of having more.

This is how the direction inwards forms a parallel reality woven out of conflicts, wars, conspiracies and restrictions.

Unless this request changes, the cycle repeats itself. Then Meaning of Life for us becomes in creating reality, observing it through experiencing it and making changes in that reality, this way being its unwitting creators who have and possess more, however, within one ever more limited range of possibilities.

* These are the three Responsibilities, described in details in  You-the Manifestation (book two of Cogitality Encyclopedia).