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Elementary Theory of Cogitality

Fundamentals of  the Theory of Cogitality
Author: ivomir Year: 2014 Page count: 120

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Human brain is made up of the same building blogs like any other matter in the universe – rocks, chairs, plants, meteors, galaxies. At the same time, according to scientists, these “particles” have no consciousness. Then, that should apply to the brain as well – it either has consciousness as much as a stone… or the stone is thinking and conscious.

Many unconventional physicists suggest that everything has consciousness. That’s fine and it flashes us beyond the framework of standard thinking into the state of dimensionless and timeless mentality – Cogitality. Everything in this timeless state is happening simultaneously, at this very present moment. Our entire universe exists simultaneously, passing through the “past” and “future” in a form of light. And everything is a hologram of this light, emerging from the movement of energy.

… We have come from the light, the place where the light came into being of itself. It [established itself], and it revealed itself in their image.

 Jesus, Gospel by Thomas

You – the Source

Part One of Cogitality Encyclopedia

Unlock for 1 year: 13 USD

Author: ivomir
Page count: 268
Year: 2017

You – the Source presents and reveals the sensational, unseen relationship between sciences and defines their unity and interconnection. Employing the concepts of physics, the book shows another perspective on teachings of psychology, medicine, archeology, and esotericism. In this book, psychology becomes physicists, archeology connects to esoterics and fiction becomes the reality.

Moreover, it explains in scientific terms how the law of attraction affects our everyday lives. Everyone Is Everything that Is!

You – the Manifestation

Part Two of Cogitality Encyclopedia

Unlock for 1 year: 13 USD

Author: ivomir
Page count: 300
Year: 2018

You – The manifestation is the successor of You- the Source and a harmonious continuation of Cogitality encyclopedia.

The book explains how the psychology of thought-decision-action, combined with the direction of dedication results in everything that materializes in our lives.  Our thoughts are solely responsible for every physical aspect of our environment (the holograms). The Manifestation draws a line between potential, desire, and holograms of everything. Every moment and every parallel reality turns out to be a matter of clear and categorical choice.

The Black eBook

Book of Life

Author: ivomir
Page count: 232 Year: 2011

Unlock for 1 year: 8USD

The Black Book reveals secrets about the meaning of life and our existence in a uniquely new way. The book combines both science and spirituality to explain the concept of holograms. 

The hologram is a projection of reality, merely a product of our energy-information field. Matter does not exist. This conclusion is a product of the interconnection between sciences, such as psychology, quantum physics, philosophy, medicine, theology amongst the others. This book examines the relationship between these disciplines in detail. The ideas’ spectrum is wide and provokes deep thinking and possibilities to change everything in your reality.

The White eBook

Book of Love

Author: ivomir
Page count: 190 Year: 2012

Unlock for 1 year: 8USD

It is said that the greatest mystery and the most powerful energy in the universe is Love. The Love that goes beyond the borders and transforms everything in our life. The White Book is the book of Love as a complete dedication to, upon and for Everything that Is!

This book reveals the possibilities for everyone to create the world, unfolding himself/herself to the Information and Love of the Whole. Dreams, meditations, and regressions are just some of the tools examined in the book that bring you to the path of knowledge and affection

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