What is meditation?

The word “meditiato” comes from Latin, and it means “contemplation”. Meditation is the practice through which the expansion of the informational range is realized and nurtured until infinity. In the general sense, the purpose of all meditating methods is for the practitioner to become aware of the common unified energy. Thus, the aim is always one, although the ways of accomplishing it might vary. There is a broad spectrum of practices, some of which are accompanied by music, while others might have to do with exercises or gymnastics. During meditation, it is possible receiving information in all kinds of forms– ‘out of the blue’ effigies, images, wave fields, visions, conversation with famous or dead people and others…

it can bring the practitioner closer to God, it can equip him with the ability to see and realise past lives, to make distant travels in other worlds and dimensions and so on (..) it also consists of technical exercises directed towards the development of compassion, love, patience and generosity.

Extract from piece of research, University of Wisconsin, 2008

(Antoine Lutz, Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Tom Johnstone, Richard J. Davidson)


What to do after meditation?

It is recommended implementing the information we have received during meditation by means of practical actions that would lead to results. The practice of making use of the messages by directing them externally toward steady effortless concentration and towards global gratitude in all aspects of life, provides us with previously inconceivable capabilities. And the point of those applied actions is to examine and explore the outcomes from each single act of expansion until the Source’s potential, as we reach creativity and happiness in the process.  

The very nature of meditation allows for the free improvisation in terms of where we are going to direct our thoughts to, what details we are going to focus upon, as well as what questions, topics and tasks we are going to explore. This makes it one quite flexible and far encompassing method.

During meditation, it is possible that we experience parallel realities:

regressions, progressions, or we might receive our answers through dream interpretation etc. Such freedom of direction enables us to consciously ‘plant’ in advance those elements that would provide us with one more global and complete informational and frequency result. This means that in the process of expanding and unfolding of our individual limitation for adaptation until the Source’s infinite frequency potential, we can include all vibrations that we consider to be limiting and/or restricting. For example, we can include the frequencies of the inverted ‘inside-out’ protonic energy (Chi, Ki, Prana etc.), our filtration’s frequency vibration (the logic), the results of this filtration (the emotions), the vibration of the environment, the effect of the cavitary structures, as well as the energy of our wishes towards something particular. We can add to this list any other vibrations of use. All these vibrations are part of a spectrum which is limited in itself – one that has been chosen in advance, in order that we experience a given state.

The purpose of meditation is to expand and widen this spectrum (range), in order that we receive and then implement the information we obtain as actions for changing our re-ality inside the consciously intended act-uality. 


The realised change of the individual parallel reality is a small step towards new possibilities within Everything that Is!

More about meditation

Anyone can enjoy the possibilities provided by the practice of meditation. It allows us all to acquire skills that we have not previously suspected about. The euphory and excitement that we gain out of this process can easily distract us from the main direction of devotion and they can stagnate our development. The progress that we have made might ‘get into our head’, leading us to believe that what we have achieved so far is more than enough. Others might use the obtained information and skills for commercial or other purposes for personal benefit. This is not a bad thing in itself, yet it becomes self-destructive when it absorbs one’s the entire energy and effort. The victims of this scenario increase their protective mechanisms along with their attachments to matter. In effect, they decrease – and they might even completely shut – the Potential’s energy in-flow. Even those with little experience are able to enter the state of deep trance. When this state is being reached, one whole different world is being revealed and we must walk the path of knowledge by exploring and learning the new possibilities of perception. Those new perceptions that we acquire give us the sensation of being born anew. They allow us to experience different lives by means of different set of perceptions. But such novelty should not be discouraging us in any way, as the benefits of meditation are quite enormous indeed. As long as we are consistent about it, life fills with health, calmness, energy, youth and satisfaction. If we dare to be doubtful about what we are doing by thinking that it is all non-sense, fatigue and boredom appear to be just around the corner. The secret of meditation is in its consistent, day-to-day practice.

Each next meditation...

…is a new skill or opportunity, new information and change, new answers to important questions or a new look in the future. Each discontinuation of practice is bringing us two steps back. One can feel various sensations during meditation –warmth or slight dizziness, decrease of temperature around the practitioner, prickling, cramps, the so-called ‘pins and needles’, spasms, noise in the ears, unprovoked sadness and tears. Those are normal bodily reactions and they are due to the fact that the filters are being disabled and the protonic fields weakened. A truly wonderful moment during meditation is the appearance of visions, which might vary in degree of clarity and types of visualisation – from waves through landscapes to human silhouettes; from blurry images to clear three-dimensional objects. These visions are the desired expansion and the purpose of the meditational practice. This is one fully automated state that we have brought to life consciously at the time being due to our desire to manifest change or to receive answers regarding this change. And all these images appearing are parallel reflections of ours that facilitate this change. Each image is a specific message or outright action for the assimilation of frequency characteristics, which are to advance our expansion of creative possibilities. 


More meditation info

 One curious piece of scientific research conducted by English psychologists (Oliver Mason and his colleagues; the study has been published in ‘’Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases’’) shows how even short periods of sensory deprivation are enough to induce states of hallucinations in people who are generally not prone to such states. Each state of hallucination is actually a parallel reality that has become available when the range has been expanded. It enables one to experience past reincarnations or future progressions due to the disablement of the forgetfulness filter. When we disable our adaptation filters, we remember that we are Sources and we then have the complete potential at our disposal. That is why many of the images we might encounter in meditation are profoundly detailed – we might get the opportunity of getting a closer look at an Earth-sized atom, or we might examine the cell in which we could be swimming as if in one massive spherical pool. When we meditate, we immerse our minds in another frequency range of probable experiences – ones that are reflections to our existence in other parallel realities. Such states are equivalent to the sensation induced by death. The limitation expands until the endless eternity – the Source’s everlasting Here-and-Now moment. Meditation is the temporary taste of knowledge that is way beyond our own comprehension. It is the practice of disabling the limited knowledge’s filtration and of the expansion until the darkness of the complete knowledge. It is then when we understand that darkness can shine way brighter than light. And it is then when we also realize that everyone is way bigger and far more encompassing than what one has accepted as his/her limitation. 

Each meditation is an act of elevation, it is getting a taste of – and becoming one with –the complete knowledge, in order that we accept the Way of change, the Source of possibilities and the manifested Experience through Everything that Is.

Meditation Elements

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Meditation is…

Meditation gives wisdom. – Buddha

In Latin, “meditatio” means “deep thinking.” Meditation is a practice by which our limitation becomes opened to the infinite. In the traditional sense, “meditation” is a wide range of practices, some of which are accompanied by music, others are related to exercise or gymnastics, but are generally designed to realize the total energy. During meditation, it is possible to receive information in various forms – uninduced images, pictures, wave fields, visions, conversations with famous and deceased individuals, and others.

… it can bring the practitioner closer to God, give him the opportunity to see and realize past lives, to make distant journeys in other worlds and dimensions, etc., also contains technical exercises aimed at the development of compassion, love, patience, generosity.

Excerpt from Wisconsin University Study, 2008
(Antoine Lutz, Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Tom Johnstone, Richard J. Davidson)

It is good…

to connect the information obtained in the meditation to the practical actions in our daily life. If we practically use this information, everything starts to happen easily, fast, and in harmony. Moreover, we reach unexpected knowledge. The purpose of these actions is to examine the results of each touch to the potential of the Source. We reach creativity and happiness.

With the help of meditation, I increase my ability to capture ideas, as well as the pleasure of doing anything.

David Lynch, movie director

The mechanism of meditation allows free improvisation in terms of directing thought, concentrating on certain details, and freedom of demand in terms of issues, topics, and assignment. This makes it an extremely versatile and broad method.

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