Meditation is…

Meditation gives wisdom. – Buddha

In Latin, “meditatio” means “deep thinking.” Meditation is a practice by which our limitation becomes opened to the infinite. In the traditional sense, “meditation” is a wide range of practices, some of which are accompanied by music, others are related to exercise or gymnastics, but are generally designed to realize the total energy. During meditation, it is possible to receive information in various forms – uninduced images, pictures, wave fields, visions, conversations with famous and deceased individuals, and others.

… it can bring the practitioner closer to God, give him the opportunity to see and realize past lives, to make distant journeys in other worlds and dimensions, etc., also contains technical exercises aimed at the development of compassion, love, patience, generosity.

Excerpt from Wisconsin University Study, 2008
(Antoine Lutz, Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Tom Johnstone, Richard J. Davidson)

It is good…

to connect the information obtained in the meditation to the practical actions in our daily life. If we practically use this information, everything starts to happen easily, fast, and in harmony. Moreover, we reach unexpected knowledge. The purpose of these actions is to examine the results of each touch to the potential of the Source. We reach creativity and happiness.

With the help of meditation, I increase my ability to capture ideas, as well as the pleasure of doing anything.

David Lynch, movie director

The mechanism of meditation allows free improvisation in terms of directing thought, concentrating on certain details, and freedom of demand in terms of issues, topics, and assignment. This makes it an extremely versatile and broad method.

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