ivomir tells us that there are two highways inside us – one is for positive thoughts and feelings, the other is for negative. In early childhood the neurons transmit the information objectively, switching from the one or the other. However, when we repeat one and the same negative models very often ( “the world is bad”,  “I can’t do this”, “I have no time”), some neuro cells are “welded” to the “Negative thoughts” highway. So you go to the restaurant and the chef has prepared the best meal. You want to praise him, but the energy that flows around and cannot make its way to the positive highway. Then, you only say “ Well, it is not so bad”. – ivomir laughs.

One way to go out of the vicious circle is by affirmations. We also have to realize what we are looking for and then it will happen to us.” We have to change all negative convictions (“ I don’t have money”, “I don’t have friends”, “ I can’t afford it”) into positive one,  They will grow together with our system and will lead us to our goal naturally. Resetting yourself is entirely in your hands and power” says the author.

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