We already examined the meaning of life, based on the direction inwards. It was a reality full of conflicts, wars and selfishness. In this article, we’ll look at the opposite – the outwards direction.

Let’s see the meaning of life, based on direction outwards…

We have chosen the outwards direction. Then our simultaneous spinning to the left and right within the grand scheme of responsibilities* realises things in the following way: When spinning to the left, thought, decision and action are the request to the Source for transmuting the entire reality grating and Manifestation. This is our request towards the Source. Hence, our world becomes grateful and devoted.

Then the Manifestation, the reality grating and the egregore – being the elements with the global role of carrying out our wish – process and execute this request, and they create the reality grating based on gratitude and devotion. So much for the spinning to the left representing our individual request. The spinning in the opposite direction represents the collective way of thinking. And when the spinning to the right occurs, the collective way of thinking for happiness, gratitude and devotion forms the corresponding egregore (mental field, membrane).

In turn, the latter establishes collective agreements between the individual elements based on gratitude and devotion.

Each hologram to be manifested on planet Earth (for example) should then accept the terms and conditions of this egregore for it to exist there. Otherwise, it shall be maladaptive to the surrounding environment. The ‘egregore’ component, creating the given theme within the unified personal global responsibility, is interlinked with the Manifestation and the reality grating into one unified trinity. Therefore, all the laws and ideas within this reality grating should be corresponding to, harmonious with, and adjusted in compliance with the egregore’s theme. For this mutual coordination to occur, the Manifestation sends feedback to the Source, based upon which the latter transmutes the existing holographic structure in such a way as for the execution of the theme to become possible.


As a result, the hologram starts encountering people, facts and events reflecting its choice.

And since this choice is one of complete outward devotion, of searching and finding new probabilities for realising gratitude and happiness, the Source transmutes within each hologram more and more possibilities for more comprehensive, more unconventional and more unified (with the All) quest in this direction.

Then man starts to understand and to speak with flowers, animals, rocks; he starts to experience more alternatives of existence; he ceases to be ill so that he might further develop his potential in this outward direction; he is able to comprehend his experiences as links with Everything that Is more fully. When this is our direction, restrictions are absent, as instead, we experience the inspiration of creating the reality grating in ONE-NESS with the Source and the Manifestation. You become one with Everything that Is in order to be experiencing Yourself… What is the Meaning…

The Meaning of Life is in creating reality,

observing it by experiencing it and making changes in this reality, this way being conscious creators of limitless possibilities.


* These are the three Responsibilities, described in detail in  You-the Manifestation (book two of Cogitality Encyclopedia). The whole article is also described further in the book and in the online self-help educational platform Cogitality Academy.