We create our reality with our thoughts. Everything that happens to us is due to our thoughts. I doubt there is a single person who has not heard about this phrase. Ivomir Dimchev has managed not only to repeat this statement but to prove it by scientific evidence, presented in series of books: “The Black Book”, “The White Book”, and “Theory of Cogitality”. His theory is acknowledged,  “The Black Book” is even Nobel prize candidate.

The author created the name “cogitality” from the Latin verb- cogito, which means to think. It unites all the theories about mentality in a single one – the Theory of Cogitality. Since ancient times many scientists and philosophers have been interested in the forces that affect our lives, and much has been said about the universal mind, energy, and space essence. Theory of Cogitality is about cogital particles. The information each particle has is present in any other and vice versa – every part contains the whole and the whole is in every part. Therefore, everything in the world is a product of our consciousness – starting from the tiniest particle to the enormous Universe. We as human beings contain the whole Universe in ourselves, being these particles projected as small holograms in the visible world we call Reality. Because this is a possibility, we have the power to create our world with the power of our minds. The author not only claims that thoughts can change the world, but he also manages to show the scientific reasons and principles of how this happens. Theory of Cogitality combines in itself sciences such as physics, biology, genetics, wave genetics, psychology, philosophy.

Get out of the Box

From the statement that everything around us is mentality – comes the fact that we should not limit ourselves in our own minds. Cogitality is the global information about everything – unlimited mental ability and energy which builds everything around us.

So we have to realize that the events happening to us are what they are, and only our understanding and interpretation determines and evaluates them as good or bad. In fact they are just events. We have to break out our emotional frames and evaluations, we have to remove all walls we have built due to low self-esteem, and only then we will be able to develop ourselves in a harmonious environment of love and gratitude.

Do not lie to yourself

Ivomir teaches us that one of the major mistakes we make is always to look for excuses while in fact, we deceive ourselves. We tend to always say that someone is hindering us when actually we are just afraid of change. We tend to deceive ourselves that we are always right and always blame others without looking for our own mistakes. We often think that we are doing our best while in fact, we are not.  If we really put efforts we will get results. We should remember that everything depends on us and we are painting the picture of our reality with the framework of our mind.

Happiness is in giving

All of us are ready to agree with this statement but few believe in it with their hearts. Ivomir claims that if we do invest our energy for the good of more people and not only in satisfying our personal ambitions, we can achieve success and results. Happiness is giving without any expectations of acknowledgment by the others.

On the other hand, many people deeply believe that they do not deserve to be happy or they are actually scared to be happy. When they feel good, they are always worried that something bad will follow. Thus they destroy their opportunities to be happy.

Woman Magazine, 2015

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