In the early 1990s, Tsarichina town became famous among the Paranormal community and was nicknamed “the Bulgarian Area 51” due to its famous Tsarichina Hole. The hole was dug by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense, who excavated an area in the center of the village during a project which started on December 6, 1990. The initial purpose of the project was to find a hidden treasure. The Ministry, however, abandoned the project on November 19, 1992 and the hole was sealed with concrete. A number of locals and foreign investigators reported the town had since become a hotspot for what they described as paranormal phenomenon starting as soon as the digging began. Many have reported seeing strange lights and some UFOlogists claimed to have been hit with a “beam of powerful light” during their investigation. The famous clairvoyant Baba Vanga also reported that a non-human entity exited from the hole during her visit to the village. The findings of a 2007 bTV documentary on the Tsarichina project, revealed that most of the military documents related to the event had disappeared from government archives or had been destroyed.

10 years later the unknown ETs “spoke” in human language for the first time thanks to Ruslan Selenov and his knowledge of Cogitality theory. Here is what happened:

The 28-year old Ruslan Selenov from Smolyan, Bulgaria, wrote 8 big notebooks with hieroglyphs, dictated by aliens from Tsarichina hole. They introduced themselves as Andragon, Simuel, Nesetia, and Verena, from the planet Neutrinia, which has exploded. They claim that they have been living on the Earth for 150 000 years when there were no living microorganisms. There were 7 of them, one is dead and buried in Tsarichina, and another is living in Tibet. Four of them are living in underground tunnels dug by themselves. They have hidden the remains of their spaceship there.

 They explained that they are bisexual and that we, human beings, are their descendants. They look like us but they have red eyes and barely noticeable triangles on their foreheads, which are an indication of their development level. They have hardly managed to adapt to the low vibrations of the Earth, and at the moment they are in a state called “samadhi”, in which they can stay for thousands of years. The famous ophthalmologist and writer Ernst Muldashev also writes in his books about aliens in the state “samadhi”, discovered in caves of Himalayas.

Ruslan is not only writing hieroglyphs but he is also communicating with the “neutrinians”. He contacts them mainly in the mornings or the evenings and is transcribing the received information in Bulgarian.

“I went to the Cogitality theory seminars by ivomir. I realized that everything that exists is mentality and originates from mentality. The theory claims and proves that the Universe is living and thinking. The trees, stones, flowers are thinking as well. I went to a course about Akashic records which contain knowledge for everybody and everything in the Universe. I learned a technique for getting messages from the Universal Mind which I managed to write down. The most important thing is to relax and let the information flow through you. Sometimes the messages came in the form of poems and the feeling is amazing – you feel calmness, love, integrity, real happiness. This somehow naturally helped me to realize the essence of the Theory of Cogitality and that it is the key to universal knowledge. This was the beginning of my spiritual development. I understood the deep meaning of it. And the main thing I learned from Ivomir is that all the answers we need are always within us, as well as the knowledge. Then I got the message to go to Tsarichina..”

According to the neutrinians, fear is our biggest problem.

At the beginning of 2012, a clairvoyant who knew his mother kept telling him that some aliens needed to speak to him and it was something very important. In the beginning, Ruslan did not pay any attention to her because he had not even heard about Tsarichina. “I was wondering for a long time whether to listen to her. Finally, I decided to go and see what would happen. I am grateful that my mother accompanied me. With two blankets and a water bottle, we headed to Tsarichina. We were told that we had to stay on the hill for the night. It was exciting, I felt as I was weightless. The date was preliminary fixed by the aliens- 1st of May. Maybe we had to get energy from the location. Some messages needed to be delivered to me via my mother. One of the aliens took control of my mother and started talking through her. We had to get rid of some fears. The next day, on our way back, I was sad because I felt like home there.”  When Ruslan was back home he felt the urge to write. Strange symbols and incomprehensive schemes appeared on the white paper. Sometimes he was sad or was laughing, without knowing the meaning of the symbols. Sometimes his hand was writing on the piece of paper and he could not feel it, sometimes he pronounced something in a strange language or repeated one phrase like a mantra. Sometimes he felt another presence in his room or was feeling cold. While he was writing down the unknown symbols, he knew he had to call Ivomir Dimchev. Both of them tried to translate the letter from the neutrinians. In the beginning, it did not come to my mind to ask for a translation.

I shifted my mindest to an emotion of willingness for this to happen and then the aliens started to “translate”. It is a curious fact that the information started to flow when ivomir decided to write our names in reverse order. So we became rimovi and nalsur. He explained that the messages that we receive from the parallel world are turned inside out. I understood that the aliens sense our emotions without being able to understand our language. The experience was extraordinary. I believe me studying the Theory of Cogitality was not accidental and this is the reason I was chosen to go to Tsarichina. It also helped us to interpret the complex information about the planets, Universe, human beings which the humanoids gave us. Here is part of their messages: The creatures from other galaxies consider you as infants who are still learning to walk. The biggest deception and problem of your planet is that you consider yourself as separate beings, but in fact, you are all interconnected. Therefore you are afraid so much and you have numerous senseless wars. Realize this is not the answer to the questions you are interested in. We think fear is your biggest problem. If you accept the idea of all being one, then this will be your first step towards your real evolution. This will provoke lots of changes in the energy field of the Universe, and it will bring more piece on Earth. If you want to use your own powers then you have to master them first. This can happen only when your intentions are selfless.

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